Points for Butchery
    •    Heavy carcase
    •    A high % of saleable meat
    •    Fine boned
    •    Well muscled
    •    Tender and tasty meat
    •    Maximum eye muscle area
    Bazadais for cross breeding
    Used in cross breeding, the Bazadaise breed of cattle possesses great qualities to allow the producer to achieve optimum results. The strong genetic traits of the Bazadaise cattle breed bring about an improved confirmation, exceptional length, increased weight gain and higher carcase evaluations.

    Bazadaise bulls are proving that they leave their stamp on the product they produce with a well developed hind quarter and thickness throughout. The growth impetus given produces profitable, high growth offspring and a high quality, high yielding carcase.
    Points for Producer Profit
    •    Rapid growth
    •    Excellent confirmation
    •    Even fat lay down
    •    High yielding carcase
    •    Quiet temperament
    •    Fatten on grass or grain

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