Q. Are Bazadaise cattle good breeders?

    A. The Bazadaise breed has the qualities necessary to produce one calf per year. They are easy calving which is understandable because the mothers have a good broad pelvis and a low birth weight for the calves. Bazadaise bulls are extremely fertile and the cows are excellent mothers with great milking ability.

    Q. Bazadaise cattle seem to be a very muscled breed, are they double muscled?

    A. Bazadaise cattle are not double muscled animals, calves have a low birth rate and start to develop their characteristics within a few weeks.

    Q. Are Bazadaise cattle easy to handle?

    A. Bazadaise are an extremely intelligent breed of cattle and are very easy to handle. They have been used for many years as draught animals. Up to the end of the 1950’s they were used for working in the vineyards, hauling wood and all work involving animal traction.

    Q. Can Bazadaise cattle adapt to all types of conditions?

    A. Bazadaise cattle can be found right through out Australia, from the Northern Territory down to Tasmania where their hardiness, excellent feed conversion ability and resistance to extreme conditions are stand out features.
    Their efficient food conversion rate is derived from the harsh nature from which the breed had its birth, having to make the most of what was available. Because of the difficult conditions the breed has experienced throughout their long history, Bazadaise have developed a true robustness.

    Q. Are Bazadaise cattle able to be 'finished' on grass?

    A.They are renowned for their grass finishing ability, mobility, hardiness and strong muscular development.

    Q. What qualities can Bazadaise cattle bring to Commercial Breeders?

    A. Because of the Bazadaise breed's toughness and vigour, even in the most extreme conditions (heat, rugged and sloping ground), crossing them with other breeds brings an improvement in the early maturity and growth. Strong muscular development and substantial meat yield are other qualities they bring. In addition other benefits are the breeds feed efficiency, mobility, intelligence, ease of handling and succulent fine grained meat.

    Q. Why is Bazadaise meat so good?

    A. Bazadaise meat is finely textured, has low cholesterol and is the most succulent and tender meat. Bazadaise meat is highly sought after through out the world by Chefs who are aware of its unique qualities

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