The Bazadaise Breeders of Australia organized the Bazadaise Feature Show with a showing of 46 very impressive Bazadaise Cattle shown by 5 Breeders.
Results are as follows:
Calf Champion Bull - Balrosa Fantastic
Reserve Calf Champion Bull - Balrosa Fairview
Junior Champion Bull - Rosebay Fidelio
Reserve Junior Champion Bull - Rosebay Falkland
Senior Champion Bull - Balrosa Durak
Reserve Senior Champion Bull - Folkslee Dynamo
Grand Champion Bull - Balrosa Durak
Calf Champion Female - Balrosa Floric
Reserve Calf Champion Female - Rosebay Fiesta
Junior Champion Female - Folkslee Favour
Reserve Junior Champion Female - Folkslee Enamel
Senior Champion Female - Folkslee Bloom
Reserve Senior Champion Female - Balrosa Daintree
Grand Champion Female - Folkslee Bloom
Supreme Champion Bazadaise - Balrosa Durak
Exhibitors Group - Folkslee Bazadaise Stud
Sires Progeny - Balrosa Bazadaise Stud
Pair of Bulls - Rosebay Bazadaise Stud
Pair of Females - Folkslee Bazadaise Stud
durak_ supreme_ gympie_ 2011
Balrosa Durak Supreme Bazadaise, Bazadaise Feature Show 2011, Gympie
Balrosa Durak was judged 2nd in the Inter-Breed Champions
gympie_ 2011_ grand
Folkslee Bloom - Grand Champion Female
gympie_ 2011_ junior_ _ reserve bulls
Rosebay Fidelio & Rosebay Falkland
Junior & Reserve Junior Champion Bulls
Pair of bulls
Folkslee Favour & Folkslee Enamel
        Junior & Reserve Junior Champion Females

gympie_ 2011_ junior_ _ reserve
gympie_ 2011_ reserve_ calf female
Rosebay Fiesta
Reserve Calf Champion Female
The Bazadaise Breeders of Aust. would like to sincerely thank the following sponsors of the Feature Show:
Nolans Meats, Painters Pit Stop, Gympie Veterinary Services, Rosebay Bazadaise Stud, Folkslee Bazadaise Stud, Gympie Regional Realty, National Aust. Bank, Boylans Produce, Qld. Country Life, Repco, Watson's Marine, Kingsway Computers, Bunnya Vale Bazadaise Stud, 3D Inspirations, Shaw's Meats

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