On the 14th of March 2011 eight cows were consigned to Teys Bros. Beenleigh.  These cows consisted of high grade & pure Brahman, Brahman Euro cross and a 12 year old Bazadaise/Brahman cow (pictured) and were running on improved and native pasture.  All cows were curfew weighed prior to loading and NLIS numbers recorded for accurate trace back.  The cows were all pregnancy tested empty and ranged in age from 6 to 12 years old.  The Bazadaise/Brahman cow had a liveweight of 597 kg with a carcase weight of 329.6 kg and a dressage percentage of 55% with 4 mm of fat.
The remaining cows ranged in liveweight from 463 kg to 557 kg with dressed weights of 233 kg to 293 kg and fat measurements of 9 mm to 16 mm.  The dressage percentages ranged from 49% to 52% for the Brahman cows and 51% to 53% for the Brahman/Euro cross cows.  The Bazadaise/Brahman cow was 4% higher in dressage percentage than the average of the other 7 cows which when put in dollar terms at $3.20 kg. amounted to $81.90 more than if she had dressed 51%.  This example cow could have had more time to finish but had sufficient fat not to be discounted and was needed to make up the load, but is an example of what Bazadaise will do to improve the return on cull cows.

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