I extend a warm welcome to this special edition of "The Bazadaise Breeder" that celebrates 20 years since this fantastic breed was brought to Australia.  It is 16 years since I first learnt about this new breed from France and I still find it incredible that someone with the foresight of Bernie O'Kane found this breed and overcame the obstacles to bring them to Australia.  We as breeders are indebted to Bernie and his late friend Bill Gleeson for all that they did to make ia a reality and take this opprotunity to thank Bernie for his perseverance and giving us the opportunity to be part of the Australian Bazadaise experience.  Bernie once said to me "I've made the road, now others can run along it" and I would think that about sums it up.  I think it also fitting to express our thanks to Glenn and Shirley Hiurley who were the publishers of the "Town & Country Farmer" magazine who took up the cause and helped launch and promote Bazadaise in the early days of Bazadaise breed promotion in Australia were hard days as there were many sceptics and critics and only a limited amount of hard facts, not to mention the prolonged drought that just wouldn't go away.  But as those who have done some hard yards know, you don't succeed if you think you are going to ride on the coat tails of others.  I believe the facts of what Bazadaise can do are now firmly established as I only have to see the sale results of the local selling centre to see that any Bazadaise on offer always bring a premium.


In the last magazine I asked, "What does the future hold for the Bazadaise breed?"  As I considered this, my thoughts turned to what we have already achieved.  In the past 20 years we have seen an unknown breed in Australia grow from nothing, to a breed that is respected for what it is producing for the benefit of Australian beef producers.  We have seen producers who have lifted their calving rates, their weaning weights and their carcase weights at slaughter.  We have a breed that is recognized from the judges in the show ring to the buyers at the local livestock sales, we have a breed that is sought after by local butchers for the quality and quantity of succulent tasty beef and we have a breed that can be found in all states of Australia.  Twenty years is a long time in one sense but as I look out of my office window and see a paddock of Bazadaise cattle then I hop on the quad and ride over the mountain and see another mob of Bazadaise cattle and then think that when I first learnt of this breed the best you could do was buy a few straws of semen, you would have to agree the breed has come a long way.


We have achieved 20 years of introducing, growing and promoting one of the greatest breeds to enter Australia, but still we have a vast amount of untapped protential.  I was reading concerning some real estate recently and it said "Location, Location, Location." this really does not apply, but we as a breed have to think "Promotion, Promotion, Promotion." and I think that is what is going to be very important to the Bazadaise breed as we pursue opportunities to expand into new market areas.  We have countless cattle properties that have not tried their first Bazadaise bull but are satisfied to take second best.  Why?  Is it because they don't know or is it because they are set in their ways?  On the other hand we have places like "Bullo River" that are seeing the rewards for using Bazadaise bulls.  More Bazadaise bulls are filtering into the Northern Territory as a great testament of what Bazadaise will do in the harsher northern conditions.  As a northern bull buyer once said "Bazadaise don't only survive they thrive".  I leave this question, "Have you tried your first Bazadaise bull yet?"


Finally I thank our advertisers for their support, Marlee Ranacher for the feature story and the members for their contribution of photos, editorials and information.  I trust the reader finds the magazine interesting and informative.


Rodney Johannesen,


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