The Bazadaise breed of cattle have the qualities necessary to produce one calf per year. They are easy calving which is understandable because the mothers have a good broad pelvis and a low birth weight for the calves. They are also renowned for their grass finishing ability, mobility, hardiness and strong muscular development.


The Bazadaise beef cattle breed does have a considerable advantage of combining a quality carcase of succulent meat, with an excellent feed conversion ability and resistance to extreme conditions. Its efficient food conversion rate derives from the harsh nature from which the breed had its birth, having to make the most of what was available. Because of the difficult conditions it has experienced throughout its long history the Bazadaise cattle breed have developed a true robustness.

Qualities Of Hardiness


  • adapts to all types of conditions
  • good converter of rough fodder
  • mag201_300x226natural resistance to parasites
  • adapts very well to rough country
  • vigour and adaptive traits
  • athletic and mobile


Exceptional Breeding Qualities


  • improvement of growth potential
  • strong muscular development
  • substantial meat yield
  • high fertility
  • very good mothers
  • easy calving
  • intelligent and easy to handle


The Bazadaise beef cattle breed offers great potential as an economical producer of high quality beef. Its extraordinary versatility makes it an impressive beast that can adapt to almost every production system. Thanks to its physical soundness, fattening ability, high return carcase weight and finely textured low cholesterol tender meat, the Bazadaise cattle breed can be considered to have outstanding characteristics that give confidence in its future.

Bazadais have huge potential

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